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Chart is a trusted supplier of cryogenic equipment and engineered systems to the aerospace industry. Products and systems include cryogenic rocket propellant storage tanks, vacuum insulated transfer piping, high pressure pumping systems, knock-out drums, and deluge systems.

Optimal Performance

Chart has been integral in achieving operational success for our customers switching from RP-1 to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) propellant and we also provide on-pad storage of liquid oxidizers (LOX) and upper stage liquid propellant (LH2).

We have been designing, building and testing advanced cryogenic system equipment for more than half a century. Our team works closely with each customer to ensure that systems are designed in accordance with their requirements, function at their peak performance, and minimize risk to operators. Built for long-term integrity, Chart system components and product designs provide the highest level of performance at optimal operating costs.

ULA Cape Canaveral Launch Site SLC-41

Launch Site and Support Equipment

  • Liquid cryogenic propellant storage, LOX, LH2, LNG
  • Engine test run tanks
  • Siphon vessel designs for pumping applications
  • High purity cleaning to KSC-C-123J and IEST-STD-1246E
  • Standards – stringent particulate and non-volatile residue (NVR) levels
  • Liquid conditioning systems including saturation, subcooling and boil-off management through auxiliary liquid nitrogen recondencing systems for zero loss applications
  • Large liquid withdrawal flow rates with designs to mitigate vortexing (gas ingestion into fluid stream)
  • Fast vent systems to support aborted launch scenarios while maintaining safe vessel operating pressures
  • Boil-off free vent systems for liquid storage/stand by conditions
  • Vacuum jacketed withdrawal lines and piping to minimize heat input to propellant during loadings/off loadings
  • Advanced FEA analysis on blast loadings, cyclic loadings (pressure and temperature cycles), and acoustical effects
  • Cryogenic shop function and proof testing with helium post tanking cold leak test capability
  • Helium purge points for subcooled LOX applications
  • Ambient pressure builders designed to support liquid withdrawal rates and interconnecting piping nozzle loadings
  • Close tolerance customer connection points for ease of installation

Technical Library

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Aerospace Systems

Product brochure.

'Aerospace is flying high again'

How some of the world's largest LH2 bullet style tanks moved from Minnesota to Cape Canaveral. Article first published in Gasworld magazine April 2020 edition.

Liquid Hydrogen Storage

Project case study in the aerospace industry.

Engineered Systems (Flipbook)

A custom built, application focused cryogenic packaged solution comprising principal Chart built storage tanks, vaporizers, vacuum insulated pipe with associated control and automation systems.

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